A well-landscaped lawn is a reflection of the property owner’s original personality. It goes a long way to display your taste for an impeccable surrounding. Sod, black dirt, seed, and grading are all factors that can help you achieve this desire.

Sod is used to establish a lawn quickly, and at the same time, it helps avoid soil erosion. It can also be used to repair a small area of lawn, golf course or athletic field that has died. It also serves in increasing aeration in your lawn and assists in prevention flooding.

While sodding involves transplanting a mature turf that has been cared for by a professional, seeding involves planting and developing the turf on site. Whichever you wish to go for, Scott’s Landscaping Inc. has got you covered with our sod, black dirt, seed and grading services in Twin Cities Metro Area.

We specialize in high-quality fresh sod, cut from local sod farms and we deliver and install it ourselves.

We take care of every step in the process of seeding or sodding. We have all types of black dirt which we use to ensure the best result is acquired. Our black dirt is suitable also for filling inconsistencies in lawns and all sorts of landscaping.

We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers as we focus on providing top-notch services and products. We offer a variety of offerings for you to select from; surely, we have a solution for your need.

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